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Guardian clients do not leave money on the table. Whether it is through a lease, sale or purchase of mineral assets, we ensure that our clients get the highest value possible out of their mineral assets.

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Guardian clients do not spend hours managing their mineral assets. We pay attention to your accounts so you do not have to. Guardian takes care of all the research, paperwork and contracts so that you can spend your hours doing more enjoyable things.

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Guardian clients enjoy the confidence of knowing their mineral assets are in the hands of industry experts. Guardian’s team is made up of certified professionals who have worked in every sector of the industry. They know how to make the most of your assets.

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Do you need Guardian?


Are mistakes costing you money?


Do you feel overwhelmed trying to manage your mineral assets alone?


Are you afraid you ARE NOT following all the complex requirements for your mineral assets?


Do you struggle to find the answers to your mineral management questions?


Are you feeling pressure from stakeholders to prove you are capable of managing the shared mineral assets?


Are you unclear on the value of your mineral assets?


Managing mineral rights can be a complicated, time-consuming, high-stakes business. Guardian’s team of professionals has experience working throughout the oil and gas industry — with individuals, family offices, banks, and mineral buyers — so they know how to protect the value of your mineral assets.

Guardian treats its clients like family with secure client access to accounts online, phone consultations when you need them, and full transparency in management practices.

Guardian is committed to making the most of your mineral assets.


At Guardian, our clients are like family.


Guardian President, Diana Frazier has seen the good, the bad and the ugly in the oil and gas industry and she has made it her mission to serve mineral owners in the way she would want her own family served.


Let Guardian Protect Your Mineral Assets

  Mineral Management

Mineral Management

  Land Administration

Land Administration

  Associated Accounting Services

Associated Accounting Services

  Hourly Consultation

Hourly Consultation

I am thrilled with your hard work.

I would still be sorting papers if I had to do the job done by Guardian Mineral Management & Consulting. Many cheers to you and your staff.
— Guardian Client

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